The province of Teruel is considered to be a mycology paradise by the abundance of resources, the appearance in many points of its geography and, mainly, because there is the truffle, that in our community abounds by amount and quality. Now you even have the possibility to ask questions about Mushrooms in Teruel in our Forum.
Any fungus with form of hat maintained by a stem finds in many parts of Teruel its habitat to be developed perfectly. And so there are in between 2,000 to 3,000 species considered in all the Aragonese territory and some are even denominated with a native terminology.

Teruel and Albarracín offer an excellent natural market of supplies where to find numerous small varieties of these delicacies.

Teruel is a region privilege with respect to truffles, mainly the mountainous area and zones like the Pre Pyrenees east of Huesca, of the Maestrazgo, Gúdar and Javalambre.

The markets of Graus, Moor Rubielos and Morella are the ones that mark the price of truffles on a national level.

The province of Teruel is the first national producer in which the most intense activity is registered in Maestrazgo, Mountain range of Gúdar, Javalambre and the mountainous zones of the Low Aragón and the Matarraña.
But if we were move towards Oscense, the recognized truffle areas are the Ribagorza, Sobrarbe, Benabarre, Aínsa and, of course, Graus with an absolute supremacy.

The interest of truffles existing in these areas does not reside as much in its internal consumption. A significant percentage of the total of the sales is exported to Catalonia and France.

To gather truffles is a mystery until for the experts. After a day search, equal they can return with emptiness or with hundreds of grams. The normal size of a truffle is in between 2 and 10 grams, but some are up to 800 grams.

The price of truffles, based on their quality or difficulty of finding, can go since 600 € till 200.000 euros per kilo in only a working day.
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