They are the shades of the tradition, but also the best allies of the most innovating creations. The power of the aromas is based on three authentic treasures: the Spring Onion, saffron and garlic. Three near delights that print scent, flavour and colour to the Mediterranean kitchen.
They decorate and they print character. Ginger, nutmeg, thyme, rosemary, coriander are the most original plates of the kitchen of the aromas. Discover flavours that come from natural products. In Teruel, the kitchen of the aromas is nourished of native spices like the basil, the capers, the anise, the cinnamon, the nail and the pepper, that count on a historical tradition as far as culture and consumption, without forgetting the jewel of the kitchen: the saffron.

The rose of the saffron, whose collection marks the autumn, is the queen of spices. In the middle of the month of October, it's time of collection of the so called red gold, an authentic treasure that counts on great tradition in Aragón. Their laborious culture and harvesting elevate the price of saffron to unattainable levels by no other fruit. It is for that reason that this culture reports more benefits by square meter than any other spice; for that reason it was also baptized the red gold.
Every year saffron returns to the Aragonese tables like the most appraised fruit, perfuming and equipping with the best flavour and colour the most special stews. History speaks of great times in the culture of saffron, mainly in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the production extended by ample zones of the Kingdom of Aragón. Today, the epicentre of the saffron grower of Aragón is located in Monre-al de Campo, considered the producing zone of one of best saffrons of the world.

Produced in Zaragoza and its environs, the Spring Onion is one of those genuine vegetables of the orchard of the Ebro of ancient culture. Of balloon form, it is cleared by the root and extended by the neck, with an outer colour of white straw. But its basic characteristics are the whiteness and tenderness of its inside and its sharp and little pleasant flavour that allows it to be consumed fresh. Its of great quality due to the conditions of the ground, water and climate of the Zaragozan orchard, where it grows from the end of May to September.
The Spring Onion has been used in kitchens for ages due to its great gastronomical qualities and its presence culminates the flavour of hundreds of prescriptions. The Spring Onion is a typical plate in Aragon roasted to the furnace and flavoured with olive oil, or in salad with black olives. The Spring Onion is diuretic and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

The culture of garlic requires an appropriate land and an excellent quality of water used for the irrigation. But in addition it is the human factor, this special touch that in Aragon seems to come out just perfect. Not in vain, two of the zones of the country known by the quality of their garlic are: Bardallur and Arándiga. Garlic of Arándiga distinguishes because it belongs to the variety of red garlic, that presents a mulberry colour and pricks a little more, although it is more pleasant to taste. In the Zaragozan locality of Arándiga the garlic culture is still made in total artisan form. This fact, together with the particularity of the soil in which it is cultivated and the water, originating of Moncayo, makes the Arándiga garlic a product of great flavour and first quality.
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